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Barausse leads innovation in interior design with its development and creation of elegant doors, partitions, and sophisticated paneling systems designed to enhance living spaces. Embodying a remarkable artisanal tradition in woodworking, Barausse products are enriched with advanced technical expertise and a forward-thinking design approach.

Since 1967, Barausse has specialized in crafting interior doors that embody Italian design and manufacturing excellence. The brand is dedicated to creating distinguished, functional spaces with high aesthetic value, ensuring both beauty and comfort in living areas.

With certifications for fire-rated doors, custom design capabilities, and over three decades of experience in contract projects, Barausse delivers premium quality globally for luxury hotels, public buildings, upscale residences, and private homes. In 2018, the company enhanced operational processes by implementing “Lean Production” principles, increasing product value for clients. For more information, please visit their official website or our selection of Barausse catalogs.

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