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One of the key pillars of the Nusco Group is Pinum, a brand synonymous with quality in the production of doors and windows in Romania and Italy.

About Pinum

Leaders in supplying PREMIUM products

Pinum distinguishes itself as a premier provider of high-end products in Romania, marking over three decades of excellence as the nation’s leading interior door manufacturer and supplier. 

The company offers bespoke interior design solutions tailored to various projects, ranging from crafting new residential complexes that meet the highest standards to renovating pre-existing spaces.

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The landscape of interior and exterior architecture is continuously transforming, navigating between the vibrant energy of modern metropolises and the timeless charm of historic towns, each displaying their distinctive architectural philosophy.

Pinum stands at the forefront of these dynamics, offering elegant design solutions that blend unique artistry with impeccable quality.

We collaborate with top-tier experts in our field, thereby elevating our design and production processes to the highest national and international standards.

Together since 1992

Since 1992, Pinum has been dedicated to serving people with increasing production capacities to become one of Romania’s leading manufacturers. 

Pinum has stood the test of time, surpassing companies from the Czech Republic, Poland, or Italy, reflecting the high level of trust Romanian customers continue to place in our products.


Pinum delivers only high-quality products and solutions, which significantly appeals to residential project developers in Bucharest and throughout Romania.

A substantial 70% of residential projects in Bucharest, either completed or in progress, are equipped with PINUM products.

This success is attributed to our practice of inviting developers to observe the production process at the factory, ensuring transparency and engagement through specialized staff, resulting in solid partnerships aimed at delivering the highest quality products in the Romanian market.

Beyond quality products, Pinum offers a competitive advantage by allowing residential project developers to source all necessary products from a single manufacturer, coupled with comprehensive project supervision support.

Development and Investment in the Future

Pinum is committed to staying in line with international trends and surpassing our standards each year, investing continuously in the latest technology. Thus, Pinum boasts equipment for zero-gap bonding of PVC profiles, a four-axis CNC center for processing aluminium profiles, machines for sanding operations, and an automatic line for new and innovative products.

However, investments in human resources – our most important asset – are not to be overlooked.


Pinum’s products and solutions speak for themselves. We want people to experience the quality of our products first-hand, so we offer showrooms in Bucharest and 13 other locations across Romania. At our 25th anniversary, we also opened the largest showroom of doors, windows, and parquet in Eastern Europe.


Pinum’s participation in the “Made Expo” in Milan signified its initial stride towards global presence. Now, Pinum’s high-standard products reach markets across Europe, Africa, Northern America, and the Near East, including the United States, Italy, Malta, Armenia, Russia, and Lebanon. Maintaining a production capacity of 100,000 interior doors and 30,000 windows annually, Pinum consistently meets its delivery commitments without sacrificing quality, showcasing its expansive and reliable global footprint.


The market has experienced rapid development, and with this development, there has been a change in customer perception regarding the quality/price ratio of products. Not long ago, people interested in buying a product would first consult the price without considering the materials used for production, design, finish, in a word, its quality. Now, customers understand that when making a purchase, quality comes first, and with this aspect, the price also increases.

At Pinum, we aim to provide solutions that fit every budget without compromising on quality. Each Pinum agent is dedicated to offering personalized consultations, ensuring customers fully understand and select the best options from our extensive product range to meet their needs and preferences.


Pinum offers interior design solutions for any type of project, whether we are talking about the development of new residential complexes to the highest standards or the refurbishment of existing spaces.

01. Pre-Purchase Consultation

Our Pinum consultant is at your service to understand your needs, preferences, and budget, ensuring you find the perfect solution for you and your home. We're here to help you create your ideal living space.

02. Measurements by Experts

It's crucial for us that our solutions fit perfectly in your home. That's why we offer you the option to have Pinum experts conduct precise measurements at your home, guaranteeing a flawless integration of each product into your space.

03. Installation by Professional Teams

Opting for our installation services, you'll enjoy impeccable setup done by Pinum-approved teams. We're committed to providing you with a premium experience with our products, ensuring each element is installed with precision to ensure their durability and reliability.

04. Post-Purchase Consultation

We're devoted to the lasting performance and preservation of the original beauty of our products. We continue to stand by our clients even after purchase, offering support and repair services to ensure longevity and maintain confidence in Pinum.

What do customers think about PINUM

I wholeheartedly recommend Pinum Doors & Windows. The quality of their products, coupled with their outstanding service, reassures me that I've made the right choice. If you're in search of high-quality doors and flooring, look no further than Pinum.

Spitzoky Client

Two months ago, I decided to go with Pinum for my door needs and I couldn't be happier. The team's warmth and kindness made the entire process a breeze. To top it off, the doors themselves have surpassed what I had hoped for in both style and durability.

Elisabeta Șerban Client

The doors are impeccable! Others might have earthquake-related issues, hinting at structural flaws, but my doors [from Pinum] have stood the test of time—over a year and still flawless. The showroom team is delightful, the communication top-notch, prompt delivery, and I have zero criticisms.

George Client


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Have questions or want to talk about your project?

Our team of experts is on hand to provide you with personalized advice and solutions designed to meet your specific needs.
Let’s Get in Touch

Reach out to find out more about out top-tier home solutions!

Have questions or want to talk about your project?

Our team of experts is on hand to provide you with personalized advice and solutions designed to meet your specific needs.