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Berti, a prestigious brand in Italy with nearly a century-old tradition, has elevated wood flooring craftsmanship to an art form. Through its skill, Berti has highlighted the elegance of its parquet flooring with exceptional designs and prestigious references, reinforcing the brand’s global reputation.

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Berti, a renowned name in the wood flooring industry, traces its roots back to the visionary Berti family, renowned for their unwavering commitment to staying ahead of market trends. Crafting hardwood floors with Italian excellence, their diverse range of captivating styles reflects their dedication to innovation and design.

From Cesare Berti’s humble beginnings as a skilled carpenter in 1910 to the establishment of their workshop in 1929, the Berti family’s journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence. In 1958, Giancarlo and Silvano Berti founded “P.B. Parchettificio Berti,” setting new standards with their embrace of cutting-edge technology.

Throughout the decades, Berti’s commitment to quality has solidified their position as industry leaders, with prestigious projects and cutting-edge designs. Their transformative unveiling of a new panel collection at Domotex Hanover in 2019 heralds a new era of innovation in hardwood flooring. For more information, please visit their official website or explore our selection of Berti catalogs.

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