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HARO Multi-Layered

As a leader in flooring production in Germany, Haro combines traditional craftsmanship with technological innovations to create high-quality and long-lasting floors. This approach guarantees ease of installation and maintenance, as well as long-lasting satisfaction in living and working environments.

About HARO

HARO, originating as a small family venture founded by Franz Paul Hamberger in 1866, has grown into Germany’s largest parquet manufacturer, now overseen by its fourth and fifth-generation owners.

Balancing tradition with forward-thinking values, HARO maintains a steadfast commitment to classic corporate principles like customer focus and sustainability while embracing modern ideals such as innovation and economic success.

HARO Multi-Layered Flooring

Their wood flooring, crafted from durable materials like oak and beech, offers superior quality and environmental consciousness, featuring a multi-layer construction for stability and easy installation. For further details, please visit HARO’s official website or explore our curated selection of HARO catalogs.

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