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Gealan is a renowned brand in the window and door profile industry, known for their innovation and commitment to quality. Their profiles are designed with a focus on energy efficiency, durability, and design flexibility. Below, you’ll find our top 3 selection of the most popular Gealan profiles for windows, curtain walls, and doors. We are proud to produce every profile from Gealan’s extensive range to meet your specific needs. For a comprehensive overview of all the profiles we can use, please consult the Gealan website.
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PVC S 8000

Designed for perfect ambient comfort. The S 8000 profile is characterized by economic efficiency and optimization of material use. These aspects of this 74 mm deep sealing system help make processing easier and more efficient.

Construction Depth

The 74 mm construction depth ensures very good thermal and sound insulation.

Main Chamber

Large main chamber for supporting voluminous steel reinforcements.

Profile Geometry

The profile geometry, based on the rational use of materials, protects resources and thus the environment.

A Single Element

A single steel reinforcement element for the frame, sash, and mullion.

Indoor Climate

Optionally, an improved indoor climate and increased ambient comfort due to the patented GECCO ventilation system – for controlled air circulation between the exterior and interior.

Stability: Large-Scale Planning

n the development of the S 8000 system, special attention was paid to the stability of the profiles. A significant aspect was the large main chamber for steel reinforcements support. The result is a very high bending stiffness of the standard reinforcements, which is another advantage in terms of profile stability.

Thus, there are no longer obstacles in the way of creating large elements, and thanks to this, we can offer customers large windows.

The maximum height of the window elements depends on the width of the window and the resulting total surface area. In the case of large windows, the window elements are subjected to strong forces.


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Flexible multi-chamber structure

S 8000 with five chambers

S 8000 with six chambers

S 8000 IQ

Large Steel Reinforcements

To meet the required static demands, GEALAN has designed the spacer bars for its residential door within the S 8000 IQ system in such a way that they can support very large reinforcement elements. Thanks to this special positioning of the spacer bars at a depth of 74 mm, a steel element with 30% greater bending stiffness can be used. The reinforcement elements are pre-milled for a quick installation of the lock. The supports for thresholds, which have already proven their efficiency in other GEALAN systems, ensure an optimal connection between the entrance door frame and the threshold in the S 8000 IQ profile as well.

A Wide Range of Accessories

To significantly improve the torsional stiffness and at the corner joints of the sash, joint corners with weldable fixings are available. The wide range of accessories allows for the construction of all common types of doors. Any market-available hardware elements and locking systems, as well as currently available panels up to 46 mm, can be installed in the door profile. Doors within the S 8000 IQ system can be manufactured to open inwards or outwards. Door profiles are available in standard in numerous acrylcolor shades and decorative foils (wood-like appearance).

Threshold for entrance doors and balcony doors suitable for people with disabilities

Due to its construction height of only 20 mm, the threshold for S 8000 entrance or balcony doors is suitable for people with disabilities. The aluminum cover of the threshold ensures high durability, multiple sealing planes, and an integrated sealing block at the corner with a mating piece for enhanced sealing capacity.


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S 9000

The S 9000 profile is a versatile, state-of-the-art system for windows, doors, and sliding doors, offering the choice of two or three sealing levels.

Suitable for triple glazing

Suitable for the installation of functional triple glazing with a maximum thickness of 52 mm (STV® 54 mm).

Smart sealing technology

Smart sealing technology with up to three sealing planes.

Thermal and sound insulation

Very good thermal and sound insulation due to the 6-chamber structure and the significant construction depth of the blind frames and sashes.


Optimized for the use of STV®, for dry bonding of the glass across the entire surface of the rebate edge of the sash.

Visible width

Narrow visible width and a 15° inclination for a more pleasing appearance.

Combinations in the S 9000 System


Windows suitable for passive houses, also available in colored versions. GEALAN-FUTURA® is the combination of individual profiles within the S 9000 system. It allows for the construction of colored window elements for passive houses using standard profiles and standard 2 mm steel reinforcements, in accordance with the ift guideline WA-15/2. The verified Uf coefficient of 0.89 W/(m²K) confirms the excellent basic thermal insulation characteristics. With GEALAN-FUTURA®, using STV® adhesive technology, maximum sash sizes of up to 2.40 m are possible.

Optimized Thermal Insulation

The development of a system with optimal thermal insulation properties is not by chance but the result of result-oriented development work. Our success confirms this. Numerous calculations have shown excellent coefficients in terms of thermal insulation. From the outset, the development goal was to achieve a Uf coefficient of 0.92 W/m²K for thermal insulation in the standard combination with steel, thus ensuring compatibility with passive houses. This is made possible by all the innovative details that make up the system.

Entrance Door Variants – S 9000

Thanks to its 82.5 mm depth and modern 5-chamber technology, the new S 9000 entrance door model provides excellent thermal insulation. The stability of the new entrance door is also impressive. This is achieved through an enlarged steel reinforcement chamber, specially shaped steel reinforcements, and corresponding corner reinforcements that also contribute to secure joints at the floor threshold by attaching the PVC and aluminum elements on two planes.


Furthermore, the S 9000 entrance door stands out with its system solution for the drip rail, enhancing the door elements not just visually. It ensures optimal protection against driving rain and maximum sealing due to multi-layer brush-type seals in the threshold area.

S 9000 Classic

With the classic variant of the doors, you can add a personal touch to your home. The combination of shapes and colors knows no bounds. Create your own door model according to your preferences.

S 9000 Design

The flush sash appearance in this variant provides aesthetic value without compromising on necessary security and thermal insulation features. Thus, it offers more options in terms of appearance while also making door maintenance easier due to the absence of a threshold.

Coloring Process within the S 9000 System

The colored acrylic layer is twice as hard as the PVC surface of white windows. It exhibits high resistance to scratches and atmospheric influences.

The acrylcolor surface, with its satin, smooth, and non-porous finish, is resistant to dust and dirt. It does not peel, crack, and there is no need for concern about repainting later.

Acrylcolor windows require almost no maintenance and are particularly easy to care for.


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S 9000 Lift-and-Slide Door

Thanks to our technology, large door elements can be moved easily, regardless of whether the door is open or closed. This ensures ample light enters the room, and the almost floor-level threshold blurs the line between indoors and outdoors.


If you prioritize extended glass areas and enhanced brightness in lift-and-slide elements, GEALAN has prepared a special design solution for you. It features a design-oriented solution with a height reduction of over 50% compared to the standard lift-and-slide sash frame.

Top Coefficients

Even in the basic version with standard reinforcement elements and without additional measures, the new lift-and-slide door exhibits an excellent thermal insulation coefficient, Uf 1.3 W/(m²·K).


With the optimal thermal insulation coefficients already available in standard versions, easy processing, and innovative technical solutions, a high level of performance is achieved.

Triple Glazing

The new system can accommodate triple glazing with thicknesses of up to 52 mm (STV® 54 mm) without any issues.

Acrylcolor Surface

Lift-and-slide doors with acrylcolor technology stand out due to the durable quality of their surfaces. They offer a wide range of options for new constructions and renovation works.


Features a modern design, narrow sash, and innovative profile for an extended glazed area. Our techniques allow large elements to be moved easily.

Wide Range

Lift-and-slide doors offer a wide range due to various design possibilities, different types of openings, and multiple color options for the surfaces.

S 9000 Classic

Symmetrical appearance. Even in the standard version, the visible width of the sash frame is very narrow at 100 mm.

S 9000 Design

Extended glazed area in the fixed sash. In this special variant, the regular sash is replaced in the fixed panel by a profile with a narrower visible glazing bead. This reduces the visible width of the fixed component by over 50%, while the thermal insulation properties remain unchanged.

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